How To: Enable Maintenance Mode from OpsMgr Agent side

This guide explians how to enable maintenance mode from the agent side. Allowing for a simplified way of activating computer maintenance mode.

This version adds the ability to turn off maintenance mode from the agent as well as turn it on. The vbscript has been updated with some more options and some instructions on how to use it.

To install or update you need to import the management pack and copy the two PowerShell files to System Center Operations Manager 2007 program folder on the RMS.

Then you need to copy the vbscript file to any agent managed server and run it to set any server in maintenance mode for the desired time period.


VBScript Usage:

Usage: MaintMode ON|OFF [ON Duration][D][H][M]

Examples: MaintMode ON 6H
MaintMode ON 2D

ON is a mandatory keyword to put a server in maintenance mode.

ON Duration is number of [D]ays [M]inutes or [H]ours Maintenance
Mode should remain ON.

If not specified, the default is 6 hours.
This means Maintenance mode will turn itself OFF after 6 hours.

If ON Duration is specified without [D][H][M], the number is
interpreted as hours.


This MP creates a new class which contains all Windows Operating Systems. There are 2 rules in this class. One listens for the Maint Mode ON event and the other listens for the Maint Mode OFF event. The script on the RMS that turns on Maintenance Mode actually turns it on for all the components of the server and then turns it off again only for the Maint Mode class. This means that even in Maint Mode it can listen for the OFF event.

NOTE: The discovery for this class runs every 12 hours so be aware that systems may take this long after install for the scripts to work

Thanks again to Boris for his examples and scripts for doing maintenance mode.

NOTE: Be aware the PowerShell execution policy might block the script from being run.

You may need to do the following:
1. Open the Command Shell, and do “set-executionpolicy remotesigned” (using “allsigned” may be considered a bit more secure.
2. Right-click on the .ps1 files, chose properties and click “Unblock” especially if you’ve downloaded these scripts using Internet Explorer.


Download scripts and Management Pack here:

AgentMaintMode.xml (19,78 kb)

MaintModeON.ps1 (2,00 kb)

MaintModeOFF.ps1 (1,49 kb)

MaintMode.vbs (2,89 kb)